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Teacher, reading specialist, fanfiction author building her confidence to be professionally published.

1/1/2020 Promise Kept

I’m late, but I made it. Worked on it all day, bringing this section to a close. My hope is that I can maintain the momentum. In the meantime, here is the link to “The Party: Part Two. Enjoy, and … Continue reading

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12/31/2019 Promise to Myself

I have been struggling so badly with my writing for quite some time. Health issues, focus issues, writer’s block, procrastination, lack of motivation, you name it. I didn’t stop writing, but this year I took some time off working to … Continue reading

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Cleanup Surprises

  Just finished going through the website, repairing broken or missing links. I had NO idea how many there were. Someone, I believe it was Marianne Weldon, let me know a while ago that there were some that needed fixing, so I … Continue reading

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Apology (Explanation, perhaps…)

I know it has been a very long time since I have posted anything here. There are way too many things going on in my mind. Not enough stimulating happening in my life. Too many roadblocks that I let get in … Continue reading

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Breakthrough and Rambling with it….

Okay, let’s hope this is turns out to be true. I have finally made my way through writing, editing, revising, and writing again- and again and again- this scene that has been giving me fits for months. I simply could not … Continue reading

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Thinking Out Loud and Moving Forward

I know I’ve been way too quiet. I haven’t written much, actually next to  nothing for the series in 2015, and for that I  do apologize. You see, the muse and I haven’t been getting along so well for the  past … Continue reading

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A Facebook Post by J.J. Hart

Since I find myself in the grips of a severe writer’s drought, as a form, of rain dance, I thought I’d edit and share J.J.’s  reply to a Facebook app she completed a while back~ Marie You’ve been tagged. If you are reading … Continue reading

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“Trust Your Hart”- Not!

I recently received the long awaited Season Five on DVD after having pre-ordered it when its release was first announced. I enjoy the episodes on DVD because they don’t have commercials, which leaves room for the bits eliminated to accommodate television … Continue reading

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“Aunt” Jillian?

Hart to Hart marathon on cable Sunday May 17, 2015. For a couple of reasons, I’m not usually all that enthused when H2H is on television. One, I hate how scenes in the episodes and movies are cut out to accommodate commercials and air time. … Continue reading

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Who is the real person behind those baby blues?

Watching McClintock with John Wayne the other Sunday got me thinking about the man, the person, behind the suave, charming persona of Jonathan Hart. Now I am not a John Wayne fan per se, but I loved the character he played … Continue reading

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