Introductions and Birth to Age 14

youngjjA Note:  The stories on this site are meant to be read in the order posted as some events and details carry over and build from one tale to the next. 

J.J. Hart: Introductions & Birth to Age 14

The Queen of Harts and a Diamond

An introduction to Miss J.J. Hart from her mother’s perspective

The Ace of Harts and a Diamond

J.J. Hart through the eyes of her father

J.J.’s Journal: Part One     

J.J. Hart, age 12, introduces herself.

Where There’s Smoke…

On the eve of a new beginning, Jonathan ruminates about his life with Max and upon moving on without him

Jennifer’s Journal: The Longshot

Jennifer’s secret diary, an ulta-private accounting of her unexpected pregnancy with J.J.

J.J. Hart: A Collection of Hartfelt Tales

A series of short stories from J.J.’s infancy to age fourteen

Bonding HartsJonathan loves his life with his wife and newborn child

Whose Hart?: J.J.’s wanderlust tendency reveals itself

Hart On Her Own: J.J. Hart’s first days of school bring out her true personality

Definitely Daddy’s Hart: Jonathan’s girl can hold her own in her world

J.J. Hart, Not Just Any Girl: The boys just have to learn

Stephen’s Girls: Growing pains get J.J.dispatched to her grandfather

Harts in Full Circle: J.J. learns a hard lesson about being self-centered

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