Age Sixteen: Book One

A Sweet Sixteen Hart:  A once in a lifetime Sweet Sixteen Party, J.J. Hart stylejj age 16_1

             Part One : Perspectives and Preliminaries

             Part Two: The Main Event

           Part Three: Afterthoughts

J.J.’s Journal: Part Five

J.J. reflects upon the significant moments of her tumultuous fifteenth year

J.J.’s Journal: Part Six

J.J. talks about the events leading up to her Sweet Sixteen party, the party itself, and her relationships with her parents, family, and her friends.


Even though she is only sixteen, J.J. finds herself dealing with a very adult problem which she tries to handle herself with nearly disastrous results.

Part One            Part Two           Part Three

 J.J.’s Journal: Part Seven

 J.J. reflects upon her experience with trying to keep a frightening secret from her parents.

The Sleepover

A simple sleepover at Willow Pond with J.J. and a few girlfriends doesn’t quite stick to the plan

The Reunion

A three day reunion at Jennifer’s alma mater, Gresham Hall reinforces old friendships, ushers in new relationships, alters perceptions, and shapes perspectives.

 Friday             Saturday            Sunday

J.J.’s Journal: Part Eight

As J.J.’s visit to her mother’s reunion ends, she reflects upon her trip and her first brush with being genuinely attracted to a young man


The discovery of a secret passage in her grandfather’s home leads J.J. and her family to a greater understanding of each other and themselves.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five 
Part Six 
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten
Part Eleven
Part Twelve/Finale

   A Night Out

J.J. has an eventful night out with the gang while her parents enjoy one of their own.

Jonathan’s Hart:

J.J. has a special weekend visitor and Jonathan finds that he has to protect her and her guest from danger.

Part One         Part Two

J.J.’s Journal: Part Nine

J.J. chronicles her close call with her father and the one with her mother.

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