About J. J. Hart

        jj hart age 16…an entirely new Hart adventure

Jonathan and Jennifer have long been gone from our television screens. In that time, the Harts we so enjoyed each week have remained the quintessential soul mates and lovers. Max sadly passed on, but there has been a fascinating and engaging new dimension added to the House of Hart.

In his will, Max charged his favorite couple with delivering a gift cuckoo clock to his niece in Montreal. Once they finished their mission, the Harts learnedthreequartertimeenhanced their beloved friend and houseman had also bequeathed to them an extended cruise on the St.Lawrence to grieve, regroup, and then move on with his blessings and best wishes for their future.

Shortly after returning to the States, Jennifer mysteriously slowed, then nearly shut down, felled by a debilitating set of symptoms, sleeping heavily during the day, no appetite, lack of energy, all of which she dismissed as perhaps a mild depression over losing Max or maybe a bug of some kind picked up in their travels. Finally, at Jonathan’s insistence, she paid a reluctant visit to her doctor to rule out anything being wrong physically.mamapapafront1 heart feet1

Six months after that doctor visit, they welcomed their ‘bug’, “Justine Jennifer”, later shortened to J.J. by her most adoring father.

A teenager now, J.J. Hart has become the other love of her father’s life, her mother’s work in progress, a new kind of adventure for both her parents, and the central character of a series of “Harty” tales that I hope you will enjoy.


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3 thoughts on “About J. J. Hart

  1. msmhamlet

    I have never read an endearing, loving story about two people who not only each other but each and one who has come into their lives. It seemed inevitable that once Jennifer gave birth to Justine Jennifer Hart that that love would grown and influence this little baby who would eventually grow up to be a spitting image (phyiscally, as well as, intelligently and emotionally) of her gorgeous mother. This was an amazingly fantastic story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thank you, thank you and thank you. ♡2♡2.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cindie neu

    I love ❤ these stories !!! I’m only on the third one but they are so wonderful. I always wanted them to have a baby. I can’t wait to read them all. What you have written is what has gone through my mind.Keep them coming

    Liked by 1 person


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