Age Fifteen

jjagefifteenJennifer’s Hart

J.J. and her best friend, Marnie, experience their first real brush with the seamier side of life.

J.J.’s Journal: Part Two

J.J. turns fifteen in her own words.

Those Hart Pictures

J.J.’s school prank turns into a dangerous situation for Jennifer.

J.J.’s Journal: Part Three

J.J. details the trouble with her school pictures, and what she learns from it.


J.J. opts to help friends in an unfortunate situation.

J.J.’s Journal: Part Four

J.J. details her personal stuggle with double standards in her world.

Hartstrings: The Ties that Bind    

The Harts learn with certainty that family really is everything.


J.J.’s desire to be self-reliant in personal matters leads to a physical crisis for her.

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