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Still Here

Hello there,

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted anything, and I’ve gotten a few inquiries about the series. I do intend to continue, but I feel I do owe my readers an explanation for this extra long delay.

As you know, I have been struggling for a while with being consistent with my writing. A lot of it was lack of motivation, some of it was insecurity about the writing, most of it was the interference of my arch nemesis in life, Procrastination. This year; however, I have had to take on an even more formidable opponent- Cancer.

Kind of knocked me for a loop because I really didn’t see that coming- at all. I have always been pretty healthy. When there was a concern, it was usually something that could easily be cleared up with some meds, a minor procedure, change in habit or diet, something like that. In hindsight, I was able to put some things together that may have been signals or signs of the disease taking hold, but getting the diagnosis was startling to say the least about it.

Anyway, I’ve come to terms with it and am going through the process to stay in this game. The surgery went well. In a week I will receive my third of six rounds of chemo, which has been an adventure in itself. After that I will have to undergo some radiation treatments. A positive from all of this, though, is I have been taken off work for a time, which will allow me to get back into my writing chair without any distractions or excuses. I have nothing else to do. I love to write; I just don’t care for the process, if that makes any sense.

This temporary obstacle has given me a lot of time to think, to reflect, to appreciate my blessings, and to reorder my priorities. Being an introvert, I rather like the relative solitude and distance from this currently crazy world. My journals are getting a good workout and my spirit is being purged and cleansed. I am aiming for having something posted on this site by Christmas. If not, definitely by New Year’s Day. Please hang in there with me a little longer. The best is yet to come!

In the meantime, I sincerely wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.