12/31/2019 Promise to Myself

happy new year 4

I have been struggling so badly with my writing for quite some time. Health issues, focus issues, writer’s block, procrastination, lack of motivation, you name it. I didn’t stop writing, but this year I took some time off working to publish.

I promised myself; however, that whatever I had written, finished or not, I would be posting on the first day of 2020 to get back into it before people forget about J.J. I’m keeping the promise. Stay tuned for 1/1/ 2020.

Happy New Year and thank you for hanging in there with me. ~ Marie

7 thoughts on “12/31/2019 Promise to Myself

  1. Tina Terzano

    Marie, we could never forget about JJ. I’ve read and reread so many times. But it seems that each time I do I see something I’ve missed. I hope you’re doing well now and can get back into it. But if not I will continue to read all of JJ’s chapters. They’re all gems. TINA

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