Season Three: Tonic for Me

Oh, my goodness.

I have been in such a funk. The writing simply will not come. I’ve been trying so hard to push through, but there’s too much going on. Work, the holidays, general issues that I sometimes make more than they need to be, biting off more than I can chew-figuratively and literally.

I’m distracted, mentally constipated, and…. can’t even describe it except to say whatever it is, it’s in my writing way, and I’m having trouble staying in the chair.


Season Three arrived today, and I’ve been watching it ever since I sat down for good thisSeason 3 evening. In my opinion, this was probably the best season in terms of plot lines and character development. American Actress Stefanie PowersRight now, I’m watching the White Fury episode, “What Becomes a Murder Most”, and I’m realizing how much my Pat is like Laura Bancroft, the actress-friend that winds up dead in the Hart’s pool. Loved her brash fearlessness, even though it didn’t serve her too well in the end.

Jennifer was beyond lovely. Jonathan at the photoshoot was so touching and romantic.

And the lines in that episode.

Jonathan: “Are you up for something unethical?”

Jennifer: “Again?”

Leaving me wondering what kind of reindeer games those two really got up to. Love  them for it, just the same.

So far, I’ve watched, this one, “Hartland Express”, and “Harts and Flowers”, which was another favorite of mine. That one had some great lines in it, too, with Jonathan at his randy finest. I always love it when he goes for the double entendre, either in what he says or the look on his face. What a naughtily sexy guy.

I kinda like my men a bit filthy, but that’s just me.

These episodes and this Reisiling I’m drinking has me inspired- or maybe sort of drunk. I’m getting tickled thinking about how different the Harts’ lives were before they got J.J., and I’m imagining them in the flesh with her now. They had no idea back then what fate- and I- had in mind for them.

cropped-threeharts1.jpgJennifer has matured, Jonathan has mellowed, but they’re still on their game. The investigative juices are just flowing in another direction, and there’s a different kind of craziness going on with a teenager in their home who just happens to belong to them.

“And they said it wouldn’t last.”  All the Fan Fiction out here on the web has certainly proven Aunt Alice wrong, hasn’t it?

Think I’m little inspired now. Going to take advantage of this buzz while I can, and get this strange man with the two drinks in his hands away from Jennifer as he’s hitting on her down in the hotel bar.

Bear with me. Hope to post something significant in the room by Christmas.

6 thoughts on “Season Three: Tonic for Me

  1. rockbird86

    Just started a rewatch of Harts and Flowers (haven’t seen these eps for some 10 years now) and got stuck on the opening bedroom scene. It just killed me. Oh look here’s Max, never mind wel just carry on. He can wait. Love them! And poor long suffering Max who no longer even bats an eyelid.

    Liked by 1 person


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