Jonathan, the man who has everything….

Today is my husband’s birthday. Mine was last month. No big deal any more. We’re both so easy to gift that it can,  at times, be difficult. You see, we’ve reached that age and place in life where we have everything we need and most of the things, within financial reason, we want. So a small token of appreciation usually suffices when it comes to birthdays,  and Mother’s and Father’s Day, and all those other gifting days.

For my husband this year it was a small devil’s food with dark chocolate frosting cake with a chocolate covered strawberry on top- he’s a choco-holic- and a gift card. He was good to go. Said he’d use the gift card to get his golf club grips redone, then he made himself a cup of coffee to go with the hunk of cake he lopped off, and down the to man cave he went to settle in for the evening.

Mission accomplished. Another birthday successfully penciled into the books.

But it got me thinking. What did Jennifer get Jonathan for his birthdays? After all, the man was millionaire several times over, well-traveled, and seemed to have every man-toy on the books, not to mention the woman of his dreams for his wife.

vintage carWe know he had a tendency to get Jennifer things he sort of wanted for himself when her birthday rolled around- a pool table, season athletic tickets, a vintage car, but I don’t recall his birthday ever being mentioned or things she might have gotten him other than that watch he thought she’d stolen, but she hadn’t. death in slow lane1And that fur coat she pretended she bought for him in place of the vintage car he wound up almost getting them killed over.

Cutest lines ever when he takes her up on the coat and tries it on, saying it needs to be let out a little in the shoulders:Screenshot 2014-11-17 21.13.12

“Jonthan, you’re doing it to me again!”

Him, eyes squinched, nose krinkled, filthy leering grin, “You know something; that’s all I ever think about.”

That was back in the day, and I was so shocked at the writers getting that exchange past the censors. But I was delighted to my polished toes that they did. I so loved the Harts.

But back to what I was saying.

jonathanWhat might Jennifer have gotten her husband for his birthday? Funny how that never came up in the series. He bought or comissioned lots of things for various occasions for her, but it was rarely the other way around. I figure since they didn’t have children and there wasn’t much else besides their work that kept them from moving like they wanted to, maybe she whisked him away for a relaxing, isolated, lusty weekend at their cabin. Or perhaps a few peaceful, sunny days at their auberge in the Napa Valley. Or maybe she held a small dinner/ poker party for him at the house with a few of their closer friends. Jonathan didn’t seem like the kind of guy who wanted a lot of fanfare directed toward him, so whatever it was, it was probably something low key and personal.

But again, I ask, other than the obvious, what to give a man like Jonathan Hart for his birthday, a guy who has everything?

Any ideas?

6 thoughts on “Jonathan, the man who has everything….

  1. Tricia

    How could you all forget the portrait she commissioned for him as an anniversary present?? Great episode – season 1 “Color Jennifer Dead”! My favorite line is not a Hart line but the butler’s at the murderer’s home – “No appointment, no card, no cash… what’s the world coming to?


  2. Betty

    I’d say a lot of quality time… maybe on their boat or at their ranch with the horses…. and for sure.. not leaving bed for a long time and her with sexy lingerie on next to him 😉

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  3. Jen

    I’m sure there were gifts that were expensive. I think Jonathan was probably like your husband, the comfort and thoughtfulness of the gift would have made him happy. Of course Jonathan would have been amazed if Jennifer could have baked his favorite desert. Lol

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    I’ve wondered the same thing but in my heart I believe Jennifer gave him some amazing “quality time” you know what I mean. I recall a birthday of Jonathan’s that I wrote about. I had her buying him handkerchiefs personalized ones with little sayings on them. lol. It was a gift I thought she would think of. Love your blog Marie. Always waiting for a little something from you.

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