Thinking out loud…

rjblueeyesI’m working on Principles: Part Three, and there is a scene where Jonathan is sitting by himself, waiting for Jennifer and J.J. to come out of J.J.’s room where the two of them are getting J.J. ready to go out. He’s by himself in the living room of their hotel suite, wondering where the time went with J.J.

With her turning seventeen and about to go to Teddy’s prom, an all night high school affair, he’s, of course anxious for her, but also a bit nostalgic. He mentally reviews some experiences that being a father brought into his life, such as attending Parent-Teacher Conferences over the years.

Of course, the teacher he was conferencing with floated into my mind.

What was her reaction to having such a handsome, charming, not to mention wealthy and powerful man take the seat across from her to discuss his child’s academic progress and/or behavior? How could she concentrate on the subject at hand? And then we know, J.J.’s caboose has the tendency to jump the track at times. Despite her smarts and excellent academic performance, the entire conference might not have been positive. What must it have been like for the female teacher, or guidance counselor, or administrator to have Jonathan Hart show up to a meeting to discuss some mischief his daughter had gotten herself into?

Tall, broad-shouldered, well dressed, smelling good, nice smile….

Was the woman able to maintain her focus or did she have to fight to keep from getting lost in those too blue eyes that somehow didn’t seem to be taking her completely seriously as she detailed something off-color that J.J. had involved herself in? Did he know what he was doing to those women at the school and use that to get his child’s fanny out of the hot seat before her mother got wind of her latest transgression?

God forbid the conference was called to discuss J.J. defending herself against some boy’s unwanted remarks or advances.How did they deal with his righteous indignation?

Just thinking … and chuckling a little bit to myself….

2 thoughts on “Thinking out loud…

  1. Jen

    When he sat down across from the teacher she probably shuffled her papers, then she made eye contact and he smiled that smile; BUTTER pure 100% melted butter. Lol



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