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9 Responses to The Guest Room

  1. Lesa says:

    I get the feeling that sister A and father Franco had a thing producing Jonathan. Why else would the records be closed to disvovering his parents?? Why wouldn’t Jonathan have been adopted like all his peers?
    I hope to find out who Jonathan’s parents are.
    I hope to follow J.J. Through the college years. I think she will marry Tommy. I have enjoyed reading about the Hart family and hope there will be more soon.


  2. Carol says:

    PLEASE!!! Update!!! It’s been a year


  3. Dana Hartley says:

    I love your stories! I can “see” the characters while reading! It feels as though the show never ended! When will you be adding more installations?

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  4. Jen web says:

    Sister Anastasia just seems to be the missing link. For me, Marnie, Pat and Bill are woven into the family and I couldn’t image JJ’s life without them. When is Tommy coming home:)

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  5. Gina says:

    Wonderful job on the site! Love the layout! You are my favorite author of the Harts and from the bottom of my Hart,THANK YOU for keeping the Harts alive ❤

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  6. Ellen. Grossman says:

    Dear HartS,
    I love the show very much. I grew up watching Stefanie powers
    Stefanie is a good hearted person who gives and cares for the wildlife.
    I envie her because of what she does , and she is a fighter to stand up for her
    Princibles. She is a kind and considerate to others an animals. The best wishes
    Always from my heart…. Ellen Grossman

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