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~The Stories~


*A Note:  Some events and details in the stories below build and/or carry over from one tale to another, and are. therefore, meant to be read in the order posted . 


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Principles: Part Two: Who Loves You? has been posted in its entirety  04/02/2014

VOL. I: J.J. Hart: Introductions & Birth to Age 16

VOL.II: J.J. Hart: Age 16-17

 The Queen of Harts and a Diamond

      An introduction to Miss J.J. Hart from her mother's perspective

          The Ace of Harts and a Diamond

   J.J. Hart through the eyes of her father, Jonathan Hart

            J.J.'s Journal: Part One     

J.J. Hart introduces herself.


Where There's Smoke...  

On the eve of a new beginning, Jonathan ruminates about his life with Max and upon moving on without him


 Jennifer's Journal: The Long Shot   

                    Jennifer's secret diary, a narrative account of her unexpected pregnancy with J.J.                                                                      

  J.J. Hart: A Collection of Hartfelt Tales

 A series of six short stories from J.J.'s infancy to age fourteen   

Bonding Harts
Whose Hart Are You?  (revised 7/22/05)     
 Hart On Her Own 
Definitely Daddy's Hart
J.J. Hart, Not Just Any Girl
Stephen's Girls
Harts in Full Circle   (revised 4/11/05)






J.J. Hart: Age 15                                                                                         

                                     Jennifer's Hart

J.J. and her best friend, Marnie experience their first real brush with the seamier side of life.

         J.J.'s Journal: Part Two

                                     J.J. turns fifteen in her own words.

                          Those Hart Pictures

     J.J.'s school prank turns into a dangerous situation for Jennifer.


           J.J.'s Journal: Part Three

 J.J. details the trouble with her school pictures, and what she learns from it.


  J.J. opts to help friends in an unfortunate situation.


          J.J.'s Journal: Part Four

   J.J. details her personal stuggle with double standards in her world.

             Hartstrings: The Ties that Bind     

                The Harts learn that family really is everything.


J.J.'s strong tendency toward self-reliance in personal matters leads to a physical crisis for her.

J.J. Hart: Age 16


A Sweet Sixteen Hart

 A once in a lifetime Sweet Sixteen Party, J.J. Hart style

             Parts I and II: Perspectives and Preliminaries

             Part III: The Main Event

    Part IV: Afterthought

J.J.'s Journal: Part Five

 J.J. reflects upon the significant moments of her tumultuous fifteenth year

          J.J.'s Journal: Part Six

 J.J. talks about the events leading up to her Sweet Sixteen party, the party itself, and her relationships with her parents, family, and her friends.


Even though she is only sixteen, J.J. finds herself dealing with a very adult problem which she tries to handle herself with nearly disastrous results.

  Part One       Part Two      Part Three



  J.J.'s Journal: Part Seven

 J.J. reflects upon her experience with trying to keep a frightening secret from her parents.


J.J.'s Sixteenth Summer

            The Sleepover

 A simple sleepover at Willow Pond with J.J. and a few girlfriends doesn't quite stick to the plan

            The Reunion

A three day reunion at Jennifer's alma mater, Gresham Hall reinforces old friendships, ushers in new relationships, alters perceptions, and shapes perspectives

Friday   Saturday           Sunday                


         J.J.'s Journal: Part Eight

As J.J.'s Visit to her mother's reunion comes to an end, she reflects upon her trip and her first brush with being genuinely attracted to a young man


                      The discovery of a secret passage in her grandfather's home leads J.J. and her family to a greater understanding of each other and themselves.

Part One Part Two Part Three
Part Four Part Five Part Six 
Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine
Part Ten Part Eleven Part Twelve/Finale


                          A Night Out

J.J. has an eventful night out with the gang while her parents enjoy one of their own.          

                        Jonathan's Hart: 

Part One       

Part Two   

      J.J. has a special weekend visitor and Jonathan finds that he has to protect her and her guest from danger.

          J.J.'s Journal: Part Nine

J.J. recalls her big weekend, the highs and the lows.

              Close to the Hart

A health crisis threatens, but ultimately serves to define and confirm the Hart family's bonds.

Part One  Part Two Part Three
Part Four Part Five and Finale  

J.J.'s Journal:Part Ten

J.J. chronicles her close call with her father and the one with her mother.

The Project 

Back to school, J.J. and Marnie's involvement in a class project results in a learning experience for everyone.

Part I Part II Part III Part IV
Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII
Part IX Part X Part XI Part XII
Part XIII Part XIV Parts XV, XVI, Finale


Mystery abounds when the Harts travel to New York and Maryland for the wedding of two very good friends.

Parts One   Part Two Part Three  Part Four
Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight
Part Nine Part Ten  Pt. Eleven     

                 Part Twelve 


As J.J. attends her first prom, she and her family undergo trials that force them to examine their basic beliefs and their faith in each other.

Part One: It's in the Small Details

Part Two: Who Loves You?


The entire J.J. Hart Video collection

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